Jerry Oksa – Tribute

A Tribute to Jerry Oksa


Terry & Jerry Oksa
Jerry Oksa ~ November 23, 1956 - August 7, 2015

In memory of Jerry, we asked Terry to share with us what Terry meant to him... "Terry was more than just a brother he was my best friend and I can't imagine how different my life would have been without him. We not only enjoyed life together we shared everything together and had the same interests and friends. No one can ever be prepared for death but we can all believe he is still with us in spirit and in our hearts. There is not a day and hour or minute that I do not miss him but having so many friends and family have really helped more than anyone will ever know and for that I am blessed. The street rods were a big part of our lives and putting on and going to different shows was always more fun than anyone knows. I'm glad our last car we did together was the 1937 Lincoln Zephyr and that was Jerry's dream car which took 6 years to complete. My only regret is that Jerry never got to see it completely done but I know he would be proud of how it looks today. He always loved the 1950 Mercury Pickup, I'll never forget him driving it around and just having fun."